Swiggy’s Move towards IPO

Swiggy ‘s expansion into multiple cities and dedication to improving user satisfaction can be a plus for the company. Swiggy has revealed a strategy of raising funds through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) valued at $1 billion, equivalent to 8,300 crores. The exact date of the IPO has not yet been announced, but reports suggest it might occur towards the end of 2024.

Is it the Right Choice to buy Swiggy Unlisted Share?

Along with players like Ola Electric, FirstCry, and Awfis, Swiggy submitted an IPO draft in 2023, a significant step in its journey. Now, as a part of the accelerated transformation into a public entity, Swiggy is transitioning from its former private status under “Bundl Technologies” to Swiggy Pvt. Ltd. Swiggy’s expansion from serving a single-tier city to offering millions of customers across different regions is remarkable. Swiggy has offered an efficient food delivery service, promoting technology to streamline the order and delivery process. Swiggy analyzed market gaps and capitalized on the growing demand for convenient services. Swiggy’s success showcases understanding and responding to changing customer behavior, leading to innovative solutions.

Swiggy’s experience in the online food industry has proven its ability to adapt and thrive. Strategic initiatives such as investment in core engineering, automation, and data science have overcome challenges in strengthening logistical capabilities. Swiggy’s expansion into new business areas, such as delivering food and essential items, offers a proactive approach to meeting customer needs. 

Swiggy’s strategy for IPO marks a new milestone for the company, signaling ambition to secure substantial capital in the long run. However, the IPO’s success and its reception by the market will impact the financial capacity for expansion. Swiggy faces challenges such as industry competition and economic instability. Swiggy should grasp the technological edge, focus on customer satisfaction, and remain adaptable to market changes. The outcome of the IPO and its capacity to tackle challenges will play a crucial role in shaping Swiggy’s growth path.

Apart from being a food delivery sector, the industry has experienced unapparelled expansion. Projections showcase that the Indian online food delivery market can reach up to $29.33 billion, equivalent to around INR 2.43 Lakh Crore. 2024 the industry is valued at $5.3 billion, approximately INR43,990 crore. With the advancement of urbanization, the food delivery sector is looking for further expansion. Companies like Swiggy are introducing new features and competing for market leadership in a dynamic environment. Swiggy’s decision to raise capital through IPO appears beneficial for the company. Analyzing the investment opportunity for potential investors is a separate consideration.

Reports by Stockify showcased that BTPL has managed a team of delivery staff who collect orders from restaurants and deliver them to customers. Swiggy’s price share is owned by funds, which control 87.68% of the company’s shares, followed by founders (6.75%), ESOPs (5.16%), Enterprise (0.26%), and Angels (0.14%). You can easily gain in-depth knowledge of Swiggy unlisted share price in a few clicks. Investors could navigate smoothly to the dedicated section of unlisted shares. Here, they could find comprehensive listings of various companies like Swiggy.


Swiggy witnessed major competition with Zomato, launched in 2016, and has undergone the process of listing on the stock exchange. Zomato’s shares debuted on the public market in 2021, initially priced between INR72 and INR76, but opened at the cost of INR120. Provided the escalating demand for shares in the sector, prices can surge, and there might be a risk and cost per share. In a nutshell, an investment in unlisted Swiggy shares can offer investors a chance to participate in the growth of a leading player. The company is funded by 40 investors, with 14 of them serving as lead investors. Stockify fulfills every need of pre ipo shares investors, making stock trading accessible and convenient for all.

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