Five Fantastic Reasons Why you Should Invest at the Current Unlisted CSK Share Price

Again, the IPL festival in India has started for you, like many others, to raise the expectation of why to invest in the current CSK share price. CSK or Chennai Super Kings, the most glorified IPL franchisee and the winner of last year’s cup, is also expected to win in this 2024 season. Though cool “Thala,” Dhoni is not the captain of CSK this season but is still the hero among the millions of its fans to take the lead to add one more feather to its crown. For investors, CSK remains the hidden treasure to buy at the current CSK stock price to yield high returns. It is because of the continuous rise in the income stream, from increasing ticket collection to sponsorships. This is why it rose to an all-time high of Rs. 205 in April and now trades around Rs. 190 to grow again in the future. The significant reason is the 65% rise in the PAT or profit after tax to be over 52 from 31 crores from FY 22 to FY 23. 

So, check out the many reasons you should invest at the current Chennai Super Kings share price to make windfall short- and long-term profits. 

Five reasons to invest in the current Chennai Super Kings share price 

CSK, the most popular IPL franchisee, is famous in South India and across the country, with millions of fans worshipping Dhoni as the God of cricket only next to the great Sachin. That is not the only reason for investing in the current Chennai Super Kings share price as the first unicorn sports company in India; the following are the many reasons for it. 

  1. Chennai Super Kings continues its winning streak by lifting the IPL cup again in 2023, beating Gujarat Titans in a thrilling finish to raise its popularity again among its fans and the general public.
  1. Chennai Super Kings increased its PAT or profit after tax from 31 crore rupees in 2022 to over 52 crore in 2023, which will grow more.
  1. The brand value of CSK rose by over 80%, reaching 3.2 1.8 billion rupees from 2022 to 2023, and the overall enterprise is estimated to reach 15.4 from 8.5 billion rupees in the same period.
  1. The unique business model of Chennai Super Kings to earn income from various sources apart from ticket sales, media rights, sponsorships, and others as the final of 2023 had a record viewership of over 32 million viewers
  1. CSK is going beyond India, buying many cricket and other teams worldwide, including the South African T20 League teams and others, to increase its income stream

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